Gathering and use of personal data

Upon registering on the Site, the User is required to disclose the following personal data:

  • E-mail address

  • Password

Here We refers to Whereaboutstracker and User refers to the user of the application

In order to improve the services provided by the Application, we may moreover gather data like the number of visits made.
Similarly, the User is hereby informed that the use of some of the functionality of the Application may be based on geographical information that requires location data to be shared, such as the geographical position of the User’s mobile terminal, a fact that the User expressly accepts if he wishes to be able to use the Application.
Furthermore, if one of these features is enabled: Audio recording,Call logs and GPS location; these data can be collected only .The user data is collected only when commands are sent by the user from the dashboard.

A User who does not wish to provide the above mentioned information may not be able to use the Application. The Whereaboutstracker gathering of the User’s personal data is fully dependent on the consent of the User and by the command sent from the dashboard of this site by the User.

What we do with User’s personal data

We shall keep and use the User’s personal data for only for his use and we shall not share it to third parties, save with the express consent of the User or as provided by law.We may have to disclose the personal data of a User to the Police or to any other person (pursuant to a court order).

Hosting and Security

We shall ensure that the User’s personal data is kept suitably secure from being distorted, corrupted or disclosed to unauthorised persons.We do not authorize your personal information to be shared with third parties without your consent. Certain information supplied by you to our Website(s) may be password-protected, and you should take all necessary measures to protect the secrecy of your password and changing of the same from time to time. If you use a computer in a public place or share a computer with others, remember to log out/sign out and close your browser window when you finish accessing our Website(s) in order to prevent others from accessing your personal information. You are solely responsible for the control and use of each password you create.However we do not take any responsiblity for third party memory leak ,attack or hacking.



Retention of the User’s personal data

Personal data dating back more than  three(3) days for Users who have subscribed to paid services or in trial are automatically destroyed.

These rights may be exercised immediately upon receiving a written request sent to the Whereaboutstracker at the following address: